I’m Pat Frog, yeah that Pat Frog, proud native of the Kingdom of Kerry. You might remember me playing county u-16s. But then I decided that having fun was waaaay more important than all that training malarkey. So now I’m working away on food innovation at college in Tralee.

Life’s not that’s much craic right now, what with not being able to get some cans in with the lads. There’s only so many walks and coffees a man can take, you know? Ara, I was so bored the other day I decided to invent a new drink that tasted like my favourite ice lolly. Chrisht lads, the taste is mighty, if I do say myself! Apple, raspberry, lime, gorgeous stuff!

Now I’ve just gotta find someone to share it with. Yer wans of Tinder, brace yerselves!

Product Sizes

Club Pat Frog 500ml
Club Pat Frog 2L